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So, you had a bad experience with one of the dentists on our website – what do you do?

It is understandable to want to take some kind of action and attempt to fix this situation. But what are the best ways to handle things? The California Dental Board has many different actions it can choose from when dealing with complaints against its licensees. This article will explain the process of what to expect if you file a complaint against your dentist or other dental professional, and discuss how our law firm can help.


If you are now considering filing a complaint with the Dental Board, be aware that can take close to an entire year for them to decide if they even want to investigate your complaint. They will send a letter to the licensee, which they have a specific amount of time to respond to. The Dental Board then considers this information and decides if anything further needs to be done. This is why it is so important that you hire an attorney who can help "jump-start" your case and get things going faster for you.

We have had many cases that started off with a complaint to the Dental Board, but our law firm has been able to "speed up" the process by filing an action with the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). This is where all of your allegations are given to the licensee, and they must provide you with written discovery and an opportunity to conduct discovery as well. This is also where you can bring witnesses and evidence (more on this in a later article) and the discovery process allows you to request documents from your doctor or another involved party. If they do not respond, we will file motions with the OAH to try and get them to release what we need.

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