Attorney Marketing Network Helps with CRM

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Learn the step-by-step algorithm for the sale of subscription legal services and stop wasting time and money on useless attempts. Subscription services are a model of work that many lawyers aspire to, but it turns out to be sold only to a few. Its advantages are clear – sold once and get paid from the client for a long time. The problem is that almost any client wants to save on operating expenses, and legal services, as a rule, relate specifically to expenses – they rarely increase the profitability of a company or an individual project. That is why the prospect of regularly paying for a service to a law firm automatically causes a defensive reaction in most entrepreneurs if they do not see this as a clear need. Attorney Marketing Network are a marketing company for lawyers.


CRM system It is necessary that you have a single database where information about your customers and your partners, the history of relationships with customers and partners will be stored. That is a CRM system. If you have not yet implemented a CRM system, then you need to start at least with the simplest free CRM systems, this is better than none, in any case. Before we had a CRM system, we used a free Google – calendar and Google – documents for collaboration.

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