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About family law attorney Stuart

Having a family is essential to living a satisfying life. A family provides you with a support system, people who love and care about you unconditionally, and it lets you share your life with someone who truly completes you.  For those reasons and others, family is an integral part of our lives.  When family issues come up, family members seek family lawyers to help solve family problems.

What family lawyers do Family lawyers are also known as family law attorneys or family attorneys.  They represent clients in family-related legal matters, such as divorce and child custody cases. Family lawyers may also help with filings like adoption or move-away orders (when one family member wants to take a family member from one place to another). Law Office of Denise Miller are a family law firm in Stuart Florida who can help you in any case. 


What Stuart family lawyers can help with Family lawyers can provide many different types of family legal services, including the following:  Adoptions  Custody and visitation rights  Child support  Divorce  Legal separation  Restraining orders (to protect family members from violence)  Child removal (when family members [and children] are taken from one family to another family)


What family lawyers can't do Family lawyers cannot give families legal advice.  Instead, family law attorneys may give family-related legal information and refer clients to other professionals for family advice. For example, family lawyers may provide family-related legal information to family members and refer family members to family therapists or family psychologists for family advice.

How much does a family lawyer cost in Stuart? Family lawyers may charge by the hour, by the project, or on a contingency basis (this means that clients do not pay attorneys' fees unless they win their cases).  

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