Medical Malpractice in Philadelphia

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Medical documentation After discussing the details of your case, the lawyer will ask you to access your medical records. The documentation will then be read by an independent medical expert in the field. This is to determine whether you have actually met with inadequate medical care and neglect and whether it was possible to avoid injuries / illnesses if the proper standards of care were followed. Claim for compensation (Letter of Claim) Lowenthal & Abrams, PC. are a Philadelphia based medical malpractice law firm.


Your Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer will make a claim for compensation and send it to the appropriate people dealing with claims for medical negligence. The application defines the nature of medical negligence and proposes to doctors who have made a friendly solution to the issue of compensation. The next steps related to a claim for medical negligence will largely depend on the nature of the claim and the response to the compensation claim, which will determine whether your Philadelphia case will go to court or will be terminated without his participation. Your lawyer will advise you on what action to take when medical negligence * is confirmed and the claim for compensation sent to the appropriate parties. 

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