Domestic Violence Lawyer in Portland, Oregon

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Domestic violence specialists in Portland, Oregon

Mark C. Cogan, P.C. offers an overview of specialized domestic violence in Portland. The domestic violence experts are aware of current legislation and the latest developments in criminal law. The lawyers shown are specialized in domestic violence. This ensures you the best possible legal support for your case or legal question. With a large network of Portland domestic violence lawyers, Mark C. Cogan, P.C. offers legal aid for all domestic violence issues that you can face if you are suspected or are a victim of domestic violence.

Domestic violence Domestic violence is a term that is used to describe various behaviors that occur in a domestic setting. It is actually the counterpart of overt violence, in which violence is played out publicly. Domestic violence will often play between roommates, for example, parents or between parents and children. However, it can also involve other people, such as in a student residence.

Forms of domestic violence Because the term domestic violence is more of an overarching concept and not something that will be charged by the Public Prosecutor, there are several offenses. For example, this may involve maltreatment, where abuse can again consist of various variants (depending on the consequences for the victim). It can also involve fraying, threats or sexual abuse. Finally, neglect and honor killings can also fall under domestic violence.

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