Lawyers: Attract More Clients Online With These 2 Copywriting Tips

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Lawyers and law firms who want to get more clients online often focus on techniques to drive traffic to their websites. They experiment with pay-per-click, SEO copywriting, ezine articles and sometimes expensive, arcane formulas to maximize results from the search engines.

In fact, before beginning a lawyer marketing online campaign, you can turn to the examples of experienced internet marketers. They emphasize traffic, but point out that conversion is the key to profits. Conversion refers to the number of website visitors who are transformed or “converted” to paying clients, subscribers and/or customers. That is, these visitors do what you want them to do, whether it’s signing up for an ezine, buying a product or requesting a free get-acquainted session.

Conversion depends almost entirely on the content of your website. Content develops from copywriting. You can study copywriting or you can hire a professional. Many lawyers are superb writers. They study examples of good copy and apply these techniques to their own service. However, if you haven’t studied copywriting yourself, you may not recognize the elements of the copy that are critical to success. Often just a few phrases or word changes make a huge difference.

Either way, it is important to understand these two factors that increase conversion rates without sounding pushy, sales-y or unprofessional.

(1) Lawyers and other independent professionals often ask for a site that will be “memorable.” In fact, your goal is to be “sticky” rather than “memorable.”

The truth is, most visitors will remember your web site for about 30 seconds, if you are lucky. Your goal is to attract their attention long enough for them to sign up for your ezine.

When you skip this step, your website resembles a bicycle: basic transportation but you have to keep working to get results. When you build a collection of fans, you are moving from a bicycle to a motorcycle. You can get where you are going faster, with less effort.

(2) Get testimonials for service, not for outcomes.

Lawyers, like most professionals, cannot promise results. You can put on a magnificent case, only to be derailed by unexpected, even bizarre, circumstances. Your own ethics code will tell you what kinds of testimonials you can use.

But most likely you can get testimonials from clients who appreciated your courtesy, empathy and professionalism. Before hiring a lawyer, prospective clients want to know, “Will he return our calls? Will she show up for important dates and remember deadlines?”

Prospective customers are most times terrified that you will judge them harshly. An immigration client might have a criminal record. A divorce client did something silly in a fit of anger. A DUI…well, that’s pretty obvious.

Your website copy can communicate, “I’ve heard it all.” You may even be able to say, “People make mistakes” or “Even when you’ve made a mistake, you are entitled to a strong advocate when you have your day in court.”

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