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Each year quite a number of people get seriously injured from a dog bite – that come from someone else’s dog. In most of these cases, the owner of the dog is liable and the victim of the bite can sue for compensation. It is usually seen that the pet owners are negligent about keeping the animals under control and many even refuse to use a leash in public areas. A Ruhmann Law Firm dog bite lawyer is the person you should contact if you have been bitten by someone else’s dog and got injured in the process. When you do contact a Ruhmann Law Firm dog bite lawyer, he or she would be able to determine the facts and maximize the chances of getting compensation for your injuries.

The Ruhmann Law Firm is a personal injury law firm in El Paso, who have dog bite lawyers that aim to get compensation for the medical expenses that you had to incur as a result of the dog bite and also for the pain and suffering that resulted from such injuries. There are a number of rules pertaining to control of dogs and any owner who violates any of those rules are likely to have to pay compensation. The main aim of the Ruhmann Law Firm dog bite lawyer would be to prove that the owner was highly negligent and the sufferer has every right to recover compensation for the injuries and medical expenses.

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