Alamogordo’s Top Dog Bite Lawyers

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There are certain times when a dog bite case can be considered a premises liability as well. This is because it is the property owner’s responsibility to give their guests a safe environment, and if their dog creates an unsafe space they are liable. It is a good idea to contact an Alamogordo dog bite lawyer to see what legal options you have after your accident. You will want to give your lawyer all the facts of the incident to ensure they can build the strongest case, to get you the kind of compensation that you need. You could need this compensation for emotional or physical injuries. Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. are a personal injury law firm in Alamogordo who have helped their clients receive compensation for both. Having a personal injury lawyer allows you more opportunities to get more compensation.


You will need an Alamogordo lawyer who is well versed in different kinds of homeowner’s insurance policies. They will also need to know how to read these policies, as well as how to speak to the insurance companies. Dog bite cases vary, sometimes they are super simple and other times they drag on. You want Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. an Alamogordo personal injury law firm to handle your case. They have dealt with plenty of dog bite cases in their career. They know how to handle them and what steps need to be taken. Their Alamogordo lawyers have the experience needed to have a good case.

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