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Looking for a family law attorney can feel overwhelming. Every Houston family lawyer says they handle family law, but do they have the expertise in your specific area of family law? Any family lawyer can technically handle a prenuptial agreement case, but that doesn’t mean they do it often or that they really have experience in it. It’s important to hire a family lawyer that you know will get your case done right. In family law you only have one real shot to plead your case, you don’t get divorced twice, child support or child custody modifications are rarely granted, and you can’t mess with your prenuptial agreement years after you get married. You need to hire a good lawyer from the start. Which is why setting up an initial consultation is your best option. This allows you to get a feel for your family law attorney as well as get some expectations on how this case is going to turn out.


Finding the top Houston family lawyer will really help you with the rest of your life. Anything that a family lawyer can assist you with, is something important and you don’t want to leave this important case in the hands of someone who isn’t well versed in this type of law. Be sure to call upon the experts. They will make certain that your case is handled properly and efficiently. Stepp & Sullivan are a Houston family law firm who have the experience you need in order to have a successful case. If you are going through a divorce or looking to draft up a prenuptial agreement, Stepp & Sullivan can assist you. With their experience of handling just about any family law matter they can be of great help no matter which case you have.

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