Lawyers: Attract More Clients Online With These 2 Copywriting Tips

Lawyers and law firms who want to get more clients online often focus on techniques to drive traffic to their websites. They experiment with pay-per-click, SEO copywriting, ezine articles and sometimes expensive, arcane formulas to maximize results from the search engines.

In fact, before beginning a lawyer marketing online campaign, you can turn to the examples of experienced internet marketers. They emphasize traffic, but point out that conversion is the key to profits. Conversion refers to the number of website visitors who are transformed or “converted” to paying clients, subscribers and/or customers. That is, these visitors do what you want them to do, whether it’s signing up for an ezine, buying a product or requesting a free get-acquainted session.

Conversion depends almost entirely on the content of your website. Content develops from copywriting. You can study copywriting or you can hire a professional. Many lawyers are superb writers. They study examples of good copy and apply these techniques to their own service. However, if you haven’t studied copywriting yourself, you may not recognize the elements of the copy that are critical to success. Often just a few phrases or word changes make a huge difference.

Either way, it is important to understand these two factors that increase conversion rates without sounding pushy, sales-y or unprofessional.

(1) Lawyers and other independent professionals often ask for a site that will be “memorable.” In fact, your goal is to be “sticky” rather than “memorable.”

The truth is, most visitors will remember your web site for about 30 seconds, if you are lucky. Your goal is to attract their attention long enough for them to sign up for your ezine.

When you skip this step, your website resembles a bicycle: basic transportation but you have to keep working to get results. When you build a collection of fans, you are moving from a bicycle to a motorcycle. You can get where you are going faster, with less effort.

(2) Get testimonials for service, not for outcomes.

Lawyers, like most professionals, cannot promise results. You can put on a magnificent case, only to be derailed by unexpected, even bizarre, circumstances. Your own ethics code will tell you what kinds of testimonials you can use.

But most likely you can get testimonials from clients who appreciated your courtesy, empathy and professionalism. Before hiring a lawyer, prospective clients want to know, “Will he return our calls? Will she show up for important dates and remember deadlines?”

Prospective customers are most times terrified that you will judge them harshly. An immigration client might have a criminal record. A divorce client did something silly in a fit of anger. A DUI…well, that’s pretty obvious.

Your website copy can communicate, “I’ve heard it all.” You may even be able to say, “People make mistakes” or “Even when you’ve made a mistake, you are entitled to a strong advocate when you have your day in court.”

A firm known as Attorney Marketing Network has built a solid reputation in helping lawyers market their services. Contact them today for more information.

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Get Some Legal Help With Your Auto Accident Problems

Getting involved in an accident is a bad experience. Contacting an accident lawyer immediately is very important.

The day people started going on the vehicles accidents started. People or the vehicles will get injured. Sometimes it will be very serious and the people may get crippled for whole of their life. This is very dangerous as the person will loose his way of living because of accidents. Some accidents may go unnoticed also. To be on the safer side it is better to have insurance for the vehicle and individually. Without insurance the vehicle cannot run on roads as it is illegal. Sometimes the person who is responsible for the accident and the person who is affected by it will settle down amicably by themselves. But of there is problems then it is better to take the mediation of Mobile auto accident lawyer. If the client is seriously injured then the attorney will take the necessary action and file the case immediately. If the case is not filed within a certain period after the accident then the court will not accept the case.

As soon as the person meets with an accident the first work is to report to the police and the second is to ring up to the Mobile auto accident lawyer. The lawyer will educate the client about his rights and also the claims which can be made according to the accident. There are many types of claims which depend on the result of the accident. It he accident is very serious then the person may have to face a lot o injuries which may result in handicap ness. He cannot attend the work anymore and he may not be able to do his daily chores also properly. This may take many days for healing and may not heal at all.

To get the proper compensation it is better to meet the mobile auto accident lawyer. If the person who met with an accident has a wrongful death then his family will have full rights for fighting the case. The mobile auto accident lawyer will surely help the family to get the necessary compensation. If the person who died is a sole bread winner for the family then the lawyer and the judge will show special attention and instruct the insurance people to give the compensation soon. Selecting a good attorney is the major step. It is better to go for referrals. A person who has undergone the accident will surely understand the problems and he will help with the referral in time. 

Law Offices of Jon Friedman are a personal injury law firm located in Portland to help with any accident you encounter.

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Get a Dog Bite Lawyer to End your Suffering

Each year quite a number of people get seriously injured from a dog bite – that come from someone else’s dog. In most of these cases the owner of the dog is liable and the victim of the bite can sue for compensation. It is usually seen that the pet owners are negligent about keeping the animals under control and many even refuses to use a leash in public areas. A Ruhmann Law Firm dog bite lawyer is the person you should contact if you have been bitten by someone else’s dog and got injured in the process. When you do contact a Ruhmann Law Firm dog bite lawyer, he or she would be able to determine the facts and maximize the chances of getting compensation for your injuries.

The Ruhmann Law Firm is a personal injury law firm in El Paso, who have dog bite lawyers that aim to get compensation for the medical expenses that you had to incure as a result of the dog bite and also for the pain and suffering that resulted from such injuries. There are a number of rules pertaining to control of dogs and any owner who violates any of those rules are likely to have to pay a compensation. The main aim of the Ruhmann Law Firm dog bite lawyer would be to prove that the owner was highly negligent and the sufferer has every right to recover compensation for the injuries and medical expenses.

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Truck accident

The first thing to do when one is involved in a truck accident is to hire an experienced truck accident attorney who is well versed with the regulations and existing state laws that apply to the scene of the accident. You should be able to get a verdict that is successful as the trucking company dispatches their Accident Response Teams immediately to plan the defense against the claims when a person is injured due to the truck accident. The attorney should be able to pursue the case aggressively in your favor. This is carried out by focusing on different types of accidents that take place which include trucks, semis and 18-wheelers. These attorneys know how to advocate for the victims of truck accidents and will prosecute the lawsuit cases that they take up anywhere in the country.

The results of a collision with a huge tractor-trailer or similar type of commercial vehicle cause devastating results due to the size of the vehicle. The attorney has to file complex lawsuits which are not in the same bracket as the crash cases from cars. This is because they have to handle different safety regulations as well and comply with safety regulations that are specific to trucks.

If you or any one of your family members is faced with this type of situation do not hesitate to get a consultation with the law firm. There are many accident attorneys who are both skilled and experienced in handling these cases. You can get a free consultation but it is imperative to hire one immediately an accident occurs so that they can collect evidence before it is destroyed. Re-constructionists of accidents are generally hired by the truck accident lawyers who will try to document and preserve evidences. The evidences that are generally available are scuff and yaw marks which do not last after a couple of hours. Once the accident has taken place and the police barriers are removed, the other trucks and cars that pass the same route will wipe out all evidence.

At Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. and with the help of their qualified personnel, you are sure to get good compensations for injuries suffered during the truck accident . This will help you to tide over the financial or emotional losses. If property or income is damaged or lost and the victim is unable to earn the same income due to suffering or pain, they will litigate the case and seek additional compensation. This Las Cruces personal injury law firm, are highly experianced in truck accident cases.

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Van Etten Sipprelle LLP

A business dispute case can be your ruin or not depending on how you go about solving it. Whether you are the claimant or the defense, you may have to work with a good commercial litigation lawyer to clear your name. If your business is in Southern California, you are in luck. One of the best business dispute law firms in Westlake Village that you can work with is Van Etten Sipprelle LLP.

The law firm is a reputed trial law firm. They deal with a wide range of matters, ranging from employment disputes to tort and class actions. They also handle matters related to products liability, commercial litigation, personal injury and real estate.

When you work with the professionals, you need not worry about the paperwork involved or the logistics of settling the dispute out of court. The experts will see to it that your are well-represented and that you settle the dispute and get the best deal.


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The best Auto accident attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, you will need a well experienced and dedicated lawyer on your side. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Charney & Roberts LLC, a personal injury firm in Cranford, have a record of assisting auto accident victims get maximum compensation. They take over the case and fight for the rights of all their clients so that they can get their due justice.

Their attorneys work with a group of experts to investigate the auto accident thoroughly and identify all the contributing factors. They then use the information acquired to build an evidence based and solid case which greatly improves the likelihood of a successful result.

You should keep in mind that failing to hire an auto accident attorney to represent you after any car injury puts you at the mercy of insurance companies who are more concerned with the money they will make instead of helping a car accident victim. With their legal team by your side, you are protected against all the tactics of the insurance companies and you will certainly receive the compensation you deserve.

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Marital Property Division

The particular division of property from The Law Office of Joyce Holcomb is really a judicial division regarding property rights as well as obligations between couples during divorce. It can be done by agreement, through a property settlement, or by judicial decree.

A property division is not necessarily a physical division of property. What happens during a property division is the court will award each spouse a piece of the total value of the property and possessions that have been accumulated since not only the marriage began but also as far back as when the relationship began. This is often a very traumatic experience, which is why it is important that the division of property is sorted as soon as possible so that all the parties included can move on with their lives.

Law Office of Joyce Holcomb divide property under one of two basic schemes, which are community property or equitable distribution. With community property division, all the property of a married couple is classified as community property but With equitable distribution however all of the assets and earnings that are available during marriage are divided in a fair manner but this may not necessarily mean equally. Depending on the state that you live in depends on what type of property division you will be facing. The law of property division in San Bernardino, in Joyce Holcomb firm includes all property, ie inheritances, gifts, and property owned by one of you before the relationship began.

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Auto accident attorney

Car crashes happen in the blink of an eye, the surprise alone can be traumatic. Unfortunately, auto accidents in Sutter Creek, CA happen every day and the scope of the injury can at times be quite extensive. If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident, then you certainly need a dedicated lawyer on your side.

At Redkey Gordon Law Corp a personal injury firm in Sutter Creek, they have a proven record of helping auto accidents victims get maximum compensation. They are fully committed to help injured drivers, pedestrians and passengers know their rights and obtain compensation to cover damages caused by the accident such as the lost wages and medical bills. Depending on the details of the crash, you can either seek compensation through a lawsuit against a negligent driver or through insurance claims.

They are there to take your case, fight for your rights and help you get the justice that you are due. Contact their attorneys today and find out how they can be able to help you.



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Caruso Law Offices, PC

The aftermath of an auto accident can be devastating. That is why it is important to consult the right professionals to help you sort out your life after an auto accident. The attorneys in the Albuquerque personal injury firm Caruso Law Offices, PC are just the experts you need to turn to if you have been involved in an auto accident.
Caruso Law Offices, PC have successfully handled thousands of cases just like yours. If you have suffered injuries as the result of your auto accident, they can make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. They have experts on their staff who have the skills and resources you need in order to get the best outcome for your case. They will work with you through every step of the process to make sure that you needs are met and that you can move on and continue with the rest of your life.

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Fathers’ rights- for fathers who are fighting for their children

Men are often not considered significant in the lives of the children. The question is, would these children exist were it not for the father. Many fathers are in endless battles in courts for their rights which are often violated in cases of divorce cases, paternity cases and child support cases.
Unfortunately, most men have their fathers rights violated without their knowledge. There is little awareness on this topic. The bigger tragedy is that the law is not very clear on fathers rights as it is clear on the right of mothers.
The best way to learn about father’s rights is to visit a law firm. The Law Firm for Family Law has professional lawyers with years of experience in family law in Tampa. These lawyers will educate you on your rights as a father. Your worst enemy as a father is the lack of substantial knowledge on fathers rights. Such ignorance will not afford you the chance to notice when your defense lawyer is underperforming. Stand out from the pack and know your rights as a father!

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