Child Support in a Nutshell

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The Hill Law Group attorneys primarily specialize in divorce and family law matters in Las Vegas. Therefore, issues of child support are often an integral part of most of the cases that they encounter. Child support signifies those payments ordered by a court presiding over divorce proceedings on the premise that the parent who lacks custody of the child of the defunct marriage should support them regardless of the divorce. Child support is an intermittent but continuous financial contribution by a non-custodial parent for the maintenance and welfare of the children in a relationship that has terminated.

Child support covers a broad range of expenses, beyond the bare necessities, which are incidental to the growth of the child. Courts take into account various factors while determining child support issues. These include the affected parent’s income and capacity to pay, as well as the needs of the child. Child support is a pragmatic tool available to divorce and family law practitioners such as the Hill Law Group that enable them to attempt to mend the social fabric whenever divorce taints it.

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